Sunday, October 12, 2008

A is for....


That's a big chunk of many copyright issues. It's a common misconception that if you acknowledge a source, it's OK to use it, no matter what. Citing a source does not imply you have permission to use it (Simpson, 2005). That's the rule for today!

My main source for this blog will be our text, so I'm going to acknowledge it right now. (After reading a bit, I understand I DO have permission to use it this way). :)

Simpson, Carol. (2005). Copyright for schools: A practical guide, Fourth edition.
Worthington, OH: Linworth Books.

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erinanderson said...


I love the way you've set up your copyright posts! I loved using a "ABC" book as a project option for my special ed. students, they love using the letter, and drawing a picture, etc. Such a great teaching tool!

I think "acknowledge" is such a necessary and important part of following copyright laws. Many times, teachers (and administrators) plea they didn't "know" that their actions were infringing on copyright laws. While I understand this, I don't think it is an excuse for ignorance!

Anyway, great blog and great topics!